Welcome to FontAgent for Windows

Powerful, Proven, Professional Font Management

FontAgent® is a powerful font manager for creative and business professionals.

Using FontAgent, you can:

... all while using a familiar, intuitive, customizable user experience

FontAgent Editions

FontAgent is available in multiple editions:

  • FontAgent Standard Edition serves individual standalone users
  • FontAgent Sync Edition shares and synchronizes fonts across multiple users and computers through the Cloud
  • FontAgent Connected Edition works with on-premise and cloud-based FontAgent Servers

    Visit the Insider website for more details on the various FontAgent configurations


User Interface Highlights

FontAgent 9 for Windows has a highly visual user interface that features several font viewers that appear in a three-columns that are divided into multiple panes.


Viewing, Selecting and Activating Your Fonts
  • The Table View includes detailed data about your fonts that you can sort, search and print
  • The List View shows fonts in their native typefaces with selected metadata about each font
  • The Player View plays slide shows of your fonts in custom text and colors
  • The Compare View lists multiple fonts in custom text and colors
  • The Tile View shows fonts in tiles for easy comparison and font family visualization
  • The Glyphs View lets you view individual character glyphs in custom sizes and colors
  • The Tags and Comments View displays descriptive metadata about your fonts
  • The Sets Sidebar helps you organize your fonts by sources and projects
  • The Properties Sidebar displays detailed metadata about your fonts

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