The Compare View

The Compare View in FontAgent® displays sample text in multiple fonts for easy comparison. After you select fonts or sets, the Compare View displays a customizable text string in each of the currently selected fonts.

Display the Compare View

To display the Compare View, click the Compare tab in the bottom pane or type Ctrl-5.

Select Fonts to Compare

To select fonts to compare, follow these steps:

  1. Select a set in the Sets Sidebar on the left. FontAgent displays the sets' fonts in the top window.
  2. Select multiple fonts in the set in one of the following ways.
    Select all fontsClick the Select All button in the Home menu ribbon
    Select consecutive fontsSelect the first font, hold the Shift key down, and click the last font.
    Select non-consecutive fontsHold the Ctrl key down, and click the fonts you want to select.
  3. As you add fonts to the current selection, FontAgent displays them in the bottom window.

Specify Font Text, Size and Colors

To modify the size and colors of text displayed in the Compare View, use the controls at the lower left of the viewer.

Activate Fonts

To activate or deactivate a font, use the slide switch on the right side of the row displaying the font. A green slider indicates that the font is currently activated, while a grey slider shows that it is deactivated.


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