The Tile View

The Tile View appears in the FontAgent's top pane and displays currently selected fonts in a grid of tiles that show:

  • Sample font glyphs in their native WYSIWYG typefaces
  • Font names
  • Icons indicating font-file formats including OpenType, TrueType, PostScript Type 1, etc.
  • Switches for activating and deactivating the fonts

Displaying the Tile View

To display the Tile View, click the Tile tab above the top pane in FontAgent or type Ctrl-3

FontAgent then displays a grid of tiles in the top pane of its main window.

Preview Fonts in a Set

To preview a set of fonts easily, select a set in the Sets Sidebar on the left and the Tile View displays previews of the fonts in the set.

Compare Styles in a Font Family

The Tile View is also handy in displaying the various styles contained in a font family. To do so, either select the font family or use the Search field to enter the family name as shown below.

Resize the Tile View

To change the size of the upper pane that displays the Tile View, you can:

  • Drag the edges of the pane containing the table.
  • Type Ctrl-L to hide the Sets Sidebar.
  • Type Ctrl-R to hide the Properties Sidebar.
  • Resize the entire FontAgent application window.

Activate and Deactivate Fonts

Use the sliders in the upper-right of each font tile to activate and deactivate the font. A green slider indicates the font is activated and a grey slider indicates it is deactivated.

Sync Fonts with Font Viewers

When you select a font in the Tile View, the Player, Compare and Glyphs viewers display that font in the bottom pane.

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