The Image View

The Image View appears in the FontAgent's top pane and displays fonts in horizontal planks, one font per plank.

Displaying the Image View

To display the List View, click the List tab above the top pane in FontAgent or type Ctrl-2.

Using the Image View

The Image View displays a variety of helpful information about your fonts:

  • Font names in their native WYSIWYG typefaces
  • Font descriptors including name, family and foundry 
  • Font metadata including style, slant, width, weight and version number
  • Icons indicating font-file formats including OpenType, TrueType, PostScript, etc.
  • Switches for activating and deactivating the fonts

Resize the Image View

To change the size of the upper pane that displays the List View, you can:

  • Drag the edges of the pane containing the table.
  • Type Ctrl-L to hide the Sets Sidebar.
  • Type Ctrl-R to hide the Properties Sidebar.
  • Resize the entire FontAgent application window.

Group Fonts by Metadata Values

To group fonts in the List View by their metadata values, use the Group By pull-down menu to select a column name.

FontAgent then inserts headings in the list to group fonts by your selected group value such as Family or Foundry

Activate and Deactivate Fonts

Use the green and gray activation sliders at the upper-right of each plank in the List View to activate and deactivate fonts.  

See Font Previews

When you select a font in the List View, the viewers in the bottom pane display that font as well.

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