Using Defined Sets

As you add fonts to your catalog, FontAgent® maintains a group of Defined Sets automatically. The special sets are predefined by FontAgent and you can select them just like you select any other set. FontAgent displays Defined Sets as a group in the Sets Sidebar. The number of fonts contained in specific set appears to the right of the set's name. 

Locating Defined Sets

Three predefined sets appear at the top of the Sets Sidebar. These sets are always displayed by FontAgent.

    Set NameDescription
    All FontsContains all the fonts in your FontAgent catalog.
    Imported FontsContains fonts you have manually imported into FontAgent.
    System FontsContains fonts located in the Fonts Control Panel in the Windows OS.


Other predefined sets appear in the Defined Sets group in the Sets Sidebar. You can elect to hide or display these sets.

    Set NameDescription
    ActivatedContains fonts you have manually activated with FontAgent.
    Auto-ActivatedContains fonts activated automatically by FontAgent as you open Adobe and Quark documents.
    Player SetContains fonts that you have added, but not yet deleted from the Player Set.
    Shared FontsContains fonts shared or synced to you or by you. Shared fonts are made available via FontAgent Server, FontAgent CloudServer or FontAgent Sync.
    Adobe FontsContains fonts currently activated in the Adobe Fonts service.


Viewing the Fonts in Defined Sets

To display the fonts contained in a Defined Set, select it and a list of the fonts appear in FontAgent's Main Window.

Hiding Defined Sets

To toggle the display of Defined Sets in the Sets Sidebar, click the circle-shaped icon that appears to the right of the Defined Sets group entry.

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