Deleting Fonts

There is an important difference between deleting a font from your FontAgent® catalog and removing a font from a FontAgent set.

Deleting Fonts from the FontAgent Catalog

Deleting fonts permanently deletes the selected fonts from your FontAgent catalog. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Select one or more fonts.
  2. Click the Delete Font command in the Font menu ribbon.
  3. Confirm that you wish to delete the selected fonts.
When you delete a font from your catalog, you delete only the copy of the font that FontAgent made when you imported it. FontAgent does not delete the original font file that you imported from your PC's file system. Therefore, you can re-import the deleted font into FontAgent if you want to use it later.

Removing Fonts from Sets

Removing a font from a set does not delete the physical font file on your hard drive. You can safely remove fonts from sets without worrying about permanently deleting fonts.

  1. Select one or more fonts.
  2. Click the Remove from Set command in the Font menu ribbon.

FontAgent removes the selected fonts from the set, but leaves their font files in your FontAgent catalog. To re-associate a font with a set, drag the font back onto the set's name in the Sets Sidebar.

You cannot remove fonts from the System Fonts set since Windows and its applications require those fonts to run. Note that you still can deactivate System Fonts, which hides them from Windows applications.

Removing Fonts from Subscription Sets

You cannot remove fonts from the Adobe Fonts set and other externally-managed subscription sets since those fonts are managed outside the FontAgent application. To remove and deactivate those fonts, use the Adobe, Monotype or other application you used to activate the fonts originally.

Removing Fonts from Smart Sets

You cannot remove fonts from Smart Sets, since they are sets of fonts that comply with criteria that you specify. To change the fonts in a Smart Set, you must change the Smart Set's criteria.


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