Customizing the FontAgent Interface

You can customize the FontAgent®  interface in a few seconds to meet the requirements of your current task or personal preferences.

The Many Faces of FontAgent

 Here are just a few examples of how flexible the FontAgent for Windows experience can be.

Adjusting the FontAgent Interface

With some experimentation, you can make FontAgent provide the font previews and information you need to select the right fonts for your projects. Use the following adjustments to quickly adjust the FontAgent interface.

Main Viewer - Top Center

  • Choose to show Table, List or Tile View.
  • Adjust the sizes of top and bottom viewers using the horizontal divider.

Bottom Viewer - Bottom Center

  • Type Ctrl-B to hide and show the bottom viewer.
  • Select the Player, Compare, Glyphs or Tags and Comments tab.
  • In the Player View, choose between ABC123, Paragraph, Waterfall and custom text modes.

Sets Sidebar - Left Sidebar

  • Type Ctrl-L to hide and show the Sets Sidebar on the left side of the main window.
  • Adjust the width of the left sidebar using the vertical divider.

Properties Inspector - Right Sidebar

  • Type Ctrl-R to hide and show the Properties Sidebar.
  • Adjust the width of the right sidebar using the vertical divider.
  • Select the Fonts or Sets tab in the right sidebar.

Menu Ribbon - Top of Application Window

  • Click the disclosure triangle on the far right side of the menu ribbon to display and hide it.

Type Ctrl-L, Ctrl-R and Ctrl-B to toggle the display of the Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar and Bottom Viewer.
Type Ctrl-1 through Ctrl-7 to display the Table, List, Tiles, Player, Compare, Glyph and Tags and Comments Views.

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