Using Quick Search

The Quick Search facility quickly finds fonts that match keywords that you enter into the search field marked with a magnifying glass that appears at the upper-right of the top pane.

To use the Smart Search facility to specify multiple search criteria, click the gear icon that appears to the right of the Search field.

Performing a Quick Search

Enter a keyword into the Search field and press Enter. FontAgent then displays fonts whose properties match your search string in the List, Table or Tile View. When performing quick searches, FontAgent examines the following font properties.

  • Font name
  • Font family
  • Font style
  • Font weight
  • Foundry name
  • Copyright
  • Trademark
  • Comments, tags and keywords


In the search below, the search term surf returns fonts whose names and families contain the term, as well as fonts that contain comments or keywords (tags) containing surf.

Active Search Indicator

When an active search is filtering the fonts being displayed, the Search field turns yellow to alert you.

To cancel an active search, click the X button on the right of the Search field.

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