The Player View

The Player View provides very useful font previewing, selection and printing functionality. It automatically previews the currently selected font in a customizable text string, size and color. If you have selected a font family, library or set, FontAgent® displays the first font in that group in the Player View.

Display the Player View

To display the Player View, click the Player tab in the bottom pane or type Ctrl-4.

Play a Slide Show of Your Fonts

The Player View features the ability to “play” through a selection of fonts. To play a slide show of fonts, you need to:

  1. Select a set in the Sets Sidebar on the left. FontAgent displays the sets' fonts in the top window.
  2. Select multiple fonts in the set in one of the following ways.
    Select all fontsClick the Select All button in the Home menu ribbon
    Select consecutive fontsSelect the first font, hold the Shift key down, and click the last font.
    Select non-consecutive fontsHold the Ctrl key down, and click the fonts you want to select.
  3. Press the Play (right-facing triangle) button and FontAgent displays the each selected font in succession, in the currently specified text, size and colors. When you the Play button, a slider control appears that allows you to change the speed at which the Player View switches to the next font.


Specify Font Text, Size and Colors

To modify the size and colors of text displayed in the Player View, use the controls at the lower left of the viewer. The pop-up menu lets you select the text displayed by the Player.

Create a Set of Favorite Fonts

As you use the Player View to play through your fonts, you can mark the fonts you like for later review. To mark a font, click the Player Set button that appears on the far right side at the top of the Player View. The button looks like a folder and plus sign. 

When you click the Player Set button, FontAgent places that font in a special set called Player Set. After you finish playing through your fonts, select the set to view all your favorite fonts.

If the currently displayed font is already in the Player Set, the button changes to a minus sign. If you click the button, it removes the current font from the Player Set.

Activate Fonts

To activate or deactivate a font, use the slide switch on the right side of the row displaying the font. A green slider indicates that the font is currently activated, while a grey slider shows that it is deactivated.

View ABC123 Text

The ABC123 selection displays the characters of the alphabet and selected numbers and symbol characters. You can change the size and color of the text.

View Waterfall Text

The Waterfall selection displays a text string in increasing font sizes. You can modify the sizes and color of the text.

View Paragraph Text

The Paragraph selection displays a paragraph of lorem ipsum text. You can change the color and size of the text.

View Custom Text

The Custom Text selection lets you enter any text you want and specify its font size and color. This selection is particularly helpful in selecting fonts in logo and display design projects.

View Specimen Sheet

The Specimen Sheet selection displays a sample sheet for a font that combines upper-case, lower-case, numerics, special characters, waterfall and sample paragraphs. You can print Specimen Sheets to share your selected fonts with client and associates.

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