The Table View

The Table View appears in the top pane of FontAgent® and displays a row-and-column table of fonts and their associated metadata. You can scroll, resize and the table to view its contents.

Display the Table View

To display the Table View in the top pane of FontAgent, click the Table tab in the top pane or type Ctrl-1. 

FontAgent then displays the Table View in top pane of its main window.


Resize the Table View

To change the size of the upper pane that displays the Table View, you can:

  • Drag the edges of the pane containing the table.
  • Type Ctrl-L to hide the Sets Sidebar on the left.
  • Type Ctrl-R to hide the Properties Sidebar on the right.
  • Type Ctrl-B to hide the bottom viewer pane.
  • Resize the entire FontAgent application window.

Manage Table Columns

You can customize the way that font attributes appear in the Table View's columns.

  • To change the order of table columns, drag a column's header name to where you want it to appear in the table.
  • Click a column heading to sort the table by the values in that column, or to invert the sort order of the column.

Group Fonts by Metadata Values

To group fonts in the Table View by their metadata values, use the Group By pull-down menu to select a column name.

FontAgent then inserts headings as table rows to group fonts by the value of the headings.

To display or hide the fonts associated with a specific value, click the disclosure triangle next to the heading. 

Option-click on a closed disclosure triangle to open all groups. Option-click an open disclosure triangle to close all groups.

Get Integrity Alerts

Click yellow and red alert icons the appear next to font names to view information about the integrity of the fonts.

Activate and Deactivate Fonts

Use the sliders on the left of the table to activate and deactivate fonts.


See Font Previews

When you select a font in the Table View, the viewers in the bottom pane display that font as well.

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