Using the Player Set

As you discover fonts as candidates for your creative projects using FontAgent's Player View, you can save them to a special set called the Player Set. You can then use the Player Set to focus on your selected fonts.

Adding or Deleting a Font from the Player Set

To add a font displayed in the Player View to the Player Set, click the Record button (highlighted in yellow below) and FontAgent adds that font to the Player Set. This provides a convenient way to collect your favorite fonts when playing through a large group of fonts.

If the currently displayed font is already a member of the Player Set, the Record button appears with a minus instead of a plus sign. To remove the current font from the Player Set, click the button.

Common Uses of the Player Set

After adding your selected fonts to the Player Set, you can select the set and:

  • Activate the fonts for use in your project
  • Compare your selected fonts in the Compare View
  • Export the fonts to your desktop for sharing with others
  • Print a sample sheet with a custom string of your selected fonts
  • Rename the Player Set for later use

Renaming the Player Set

If you wish to save the Player Set for later use, you can rename the set to another name. To change its name, you can either:

  • Double-click Player Set in the Sets Sidebar, rename the set, and press the Enter key.
  • Right-click Player Set, select Rename from the pop-up menu, type the new name, and press the Enter key.

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