User Interface Overview

The FontAgent® application window is divided into three columns and includes a top menu ribbon.

Sets Sidebarleft sidebar

Select sets and groups of fonts that you can view and manage.

Properties Sidebarright sidebar

View properties for the currently selected font or set.

Main Window – center column

View and compare fonts in their native typefaces in the Table, List, Tile, Player, Compare and Glyphs Views. The Player View can be further configured into Waterfall, Lorem Ipsum, ABC123, Paragraph, and custom text modes.

Sets Sidebar - Left Column

The Sets Sidebar appears on the left side of the FontAgent application window and lists sets, which are logical associations of fonts in your catalog. The blue digits to the right of each set shows the number of fonts it contains. When you select a set, FontAgent displays its member fonts in the Main Window.

To display or hide the Sets Sidebar, type Ctrl-L.

Font Catalog - Top Center Pane

The Font Catalog appears at the top center of the FontAgent window and contains these views:

  • Table View - Displays a sortable table of font names, properties and metadata
  • List View - Shows fonts in their native typefaces along with summary properties
  • Tile View - Shows fonts in large, square tiles for easy preview and comparison

Click the corresponding tab at the top of the pane to select a view.

Font Viewer - Bottom Center Pane

The Font Viewer appears at the bottom center of the FontAgent window and contains these views:

  • Player View - Plays a slide show of fonts in customizable text, formats and colors
  • Compare View - Lists selected fonts or sets in the same text and colors
  • Glyphs View - Displays a grid of character glyphs for a selected font

Click the corresponding tab at the top of the pane to select a view. Then select a font in the top pane and the bottom viewer changes its focus to the selected font.

To display or hide the Bottom Font Viewer, type Ctrl-B.

Properties Sidebar - Right Column

The Properties Sidebar appears in the right sidebar of the FontAgent window and displays the properties of fonts and sets, showing file information, style details, ratings, activation state, set membership information, foundry, as well as comments that you enter.

To display or hide the Properties Sidebar, type Ctrl-R.

Menu Ribbon - Top of Window

A ribbon of menu commands appears when you click one of the commands in the FontAgent menu. To hide and show the menu ribbon, click the up-arrow or down-arrow icon that appears on the far right side of the menubar.

Displaying and Hiding Panes

You can adjust the sizes of panes in the FontAgent interface by dragging their divider bars. You can also control the display of panes in the FontAgent application window by typing keyboard shortcuts or by selecting commands in the FontAgent menu ribbon.

To hide and display the following panes in the FontAgent interface, use these commands and keystroke shortcuts.

UI PaneUI LocationKeystrokeView Menu Ribbon Command
Sets SidebarLeft sidebarCtrl-LSets Sidebar checkbox
Properties SidebarRight sidebarCtrl-RProperties Sidebar checkbox
Bottom PaneBottom of center columnCtrl-BBottom Pane checkbox

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