When you add fonts to your FontAgent® database, it verifies the integrity of the fonts and organizes them in a centralized database—so you can search, view, manage and select the fonts easily and reliably.

What Happens When You Import Fonts
When you import fonts, FontAgent automatically:

  • Finds all fonts in the specified folders and subfolders
  • Verifies that the fonts comply with industry font-file standards
  • Marks fonts that don't comply with standards
  • Identifies duplicate fonts and imports only unique ones
  • Adds usable fonts to your database
  • Provides a results log of the import process
  • Updates your import history

Ways to Import Fonts
You can import fonts into FontAgent in multiple ways.

  • Drag and drop a font or a folder into the FontAgent application window.
  • Click the + button in the top-left Toolbar.
  • Select the File > Import Fonts menu command.
  • Type Command+G.

When you don't use drag-and-drop to import fonts, FontAgent displays a dialog box so you can choose a file or folder to import.