Auto-Activating Fonts in Applications

Auto-Activating Fonts in Adobe Apps

FontAgent® includes plugins for popular Adobe Creative Cloud products including InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. The plugins install automatically when you install FontAgent and the installer detects that you have the Adobe applications installed on your computer. With the plugins installed, FontAgent can auto-activate fonts as you open documents in those Adobe applications.

Auto-activated fonts might not appear immediately in Font menus in your Adobe applications. This is because the applications update their Font menus only periodically as they run. As a result, auto-activated fonts can appear in Font menus after a short delay. The fastest way to force an application to reload its Font menus is to restart the apps.

If you create a document using an application for which you have installed an auto-activation plugin, FontAgent stores font information with the document so when it is opened later, the correct font auto-activates.

Resolving Auto-Activation Font Conflicts

When auto-activating fonts in your Windows apps, FontAgent can use its Conflict Resolver to help you select among multiple fonts that match fonts used in your document.

When you open a document that has several possible matches in your font collection, FontAgent presents a dialog displaying details for each font that closely matches the font used in the document. With this information you can select the correct font needed to display the document correctly.

Setting Auto-Activation Preferences

You can use the FontAgent Options panel to control how FontAgent auto-activates fonts in Adobe applications.

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