When you turn on Manage System fonts in the preferences in FontAgent Pro, the fonts in your /Library /Fonts/ folder folder and your ~/Library/Fonts/ folder are removed, archived and imported into FontAgent Pro and appear as two new libraries, System Fonts (Home) and System Fonts (Library).

The fonts will appear as activated in FontAgent Pro, where you can now manage these fonts as you would other fonts in your collection.

But after deactivating the fonts, customers who use Adobe Illustrator may see the following alert after launching the application.

"Illustrator CC has stopped working. Please enable Verdana font(s) and relaunch Illustrator."

Among these fonts removed from the /Library/Fonts folder is the Verdana Family . It is required for Illustrator to run as expected.

To solve this problem you can create a startup set for the required fonts so they will be available every time you launch Illustrator.

You can create a startup set in FontAgent Pro by selecting New Set from the Toolbar where you will be prompted to give the set an appropriate name. Once you have created the set, add the Verdana font family from the System Fonts (Library) - there should be four fonts Verdana, Verdana-Bold, Verdana-Bold Italic , and Verdana-Italic - to the set.

Then select the set, and select Tools>Startup Set from the menu. By making the set a startup set, the fonts included in that set will activate automatically every time you start up your Mac.